Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take it, or leave it.

Today has dawned raining. I admit I like the rain. The cold, gray days like today are made to sit with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and watch a movie, read or simply reflect. Lately, I've been reflecting more.The beginning of the university is placing a huge change in my life. And I'm enjoying the change. It is important to me. 
Sometimes it is difficult to accept changes, and many people took refuge in what the alreydy have; refusing the new experiences and new friendships. But that's not the way I have chosen.Humans beings, are beings who change. We wish the happy times will never end and we want the bad times pass as soon as possible. But the changes come, and we must accept them. That way we will value which means an eternal smile and we will take care of something bad happening to us. The essence of life is to go forward. Life really is a one way street.

Hoy ha amanecido lloviendo. Reconozco que me gusta la lluvia. Los días fríos y grises como el de hoy están hechos para sentarse con un café, chocolate o té caliente y ver una película, leer, o simplemente reflexionar. Últimamente refleixiono cada vez más. El comienzo de la universidad está suponiendo un cambio enorme en mi vida. Y ese cambio me está gustando. Es importante para mi. A veces es difícil aceptar los cambios, y mucha gente se refugia en lo que ya tiene, negándose a nuevas experiencias o nuevas amistades. Pero ese no es el camino que yo he elegido.
Los seres humanos somos seres que cambiamos. Aunque deseamos que los momentos de felicidad no acaben nunca, y queremos que los momentos malos pasen lo antes posible, los cambios llegan, y hay que aceptarlos. De esa manera, valoraremos lo que significa una sonrisa eterna y nos cuidaremos de que algo malo nos pase. La esencia de la vida es ir hacia adelante. La vida, en realidad, es una calle de sentido único.

Paris, Febrero 2008
Je t'aime

France coffee break.
Look: all vintage except jewelry from Tous and Adolfo Dominguez, and sunglasses from Ray ban


  1. waaaah i wish i were in france right now!!!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. oh, I`m so jealous of your jewelry! you always have amazing pieces. Good luck with uni dear.xx

  3. I LOVE your jewelry!! every piece! ;)

    p.s: the tour eiffel picture is super nice!

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


  4. france looks beautiful! i love it :)

  5. Nice! Love the pictures !! Can't wait to read more!! Miss ya!! ...Alyson

  6. heyy sweetheart thank youu for posting back!
    I love yours too! & omg paris, very lovely pictures. The head band looks awesome on you (:

    xxxxxxxxx <3

  7. I'm so jealous! I wish I could visit Paris anytime SOON! LOL Keep dreaming! I think it's part of human nature to prefer the so called comfort zone on top, but actually change can be a good thing because they are so many great things in this life to see!

    Have a fabulous one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  8. Hey Elena, you are so right about what you wrote, I'm also in my first year of college and I have to admit it is hard and more harder when I'm not near my home but I love the changes and new experiences.
    Your post are lovely...keep blogging like that!


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